Environment & Biodiversity

In addition to the sporting & recreation facilities at Fethard Town Park, there is an abundance of open parkland, a sensory garden, orchards and wildflower habitats, walkways, picnic areas and a community pavilion with coffee dock and toilets and a place to rest.

Sensory Garden – Stimulate the senses in our Sensory Garden! Can you spot the scented lavander, tasty berries, prickly plants or just enjoy the calm and restful seating area. The garden continues to be a work in progress with additional items added as funding allows. To date, we have installed a large willow hut, lavender beds, fruit bushes, meandering paths and restful benches.  The garden is a refuge for everyone to enjoy, particularly for those with impaired senses.

Wildflower Habitat – Fethard Town Park has vast areas dedicated to native Wildflower meadows supporting an array of wildlife such as ground nesting birds, butterflies, bees, moths, ants, spiders, shrews, mice, birds of prey and so much more.

Orchard – Fethard Town Park planted a large orchard of mixed fruit trees in Autumn 2023 (Apple, Plum and Pear). We look forward to a fruitful harvest in coming years

Tree lined walkways –Fethard Town Park undertook a significant planting scheme in 2022 planting over 12,000 trees in addition to countless shrubs, plants and brightly coloured wildflowers to match the changing seasons.

Fethard Daffodil Day Group

In support of our local fundraising committee we planted over 1000 daffodil bulbs for the annual Irish Cancer Society Daffodil Day appeal. We look forward to a ‘host of golden daffodils’ every March.

Fethard Men’s Shed

Fethard Men’s Shed was set up in 2023 by an ambitious and welcoming group of local men. The Sensory Garden at Fethard Town Park is maintained by the group on a weekly basis.


Fethard Town Park is an SEAI Sustainable Energy Community with a key objective to create a sustainable future for all.

Implementing changes in our environment, methods and processes allow us to achieve financial and energy savings, contribute to climate change targets and support an equitable transition to a low carbon society.

Solar Energy– Fethard Town Park have installed extensive solar photovoltaic (PV) panels that produce electricity with plans to increase capacity in 2024.

EV Charging Points – Fethard Town Park will be installing 4 EV Charge points in 2024. These electric car charging stations will be environmentally friendly and contribute to the overall sustainability of the environment.

Infrastructure – All benches within the park are carefully designed and made entirely from 100% recycled plastic making them eco-friendly and good for the environment.

Management Practices – All planting in Fethard Town Park is well considered and purposeful with an increased leaning towards high biodiversity value specimens. Fixed frequency mowing is in place for June/July & August with greater autonomy in alternative months to allow flexibility and reduced intervention where possible.

Bee-diversity Zones – There are lots of Biodiversity Zones throughout the park, created by nature for nature. These are planted with pollinator-friendly plants and remain unkept to help protect the declining bee population in Ireland.

‘Smart’ Bins – Fethard Town Park was allocated a solar powered smart bin from Tipperary County Council. The Smart Bin is solar operated and helps to reduce the amount of visits required for rubbish collection and reduce the number of collection vehicles  – thus improving carbon footprint and reducing pollution.