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Rock of Cashel

Set on a dramatic outcrop of limestone in the Golden Vale overlooking the town of Cashel, the Rock of Cashel, iconic in its historic significance, possesses the most impressive cluster of medieval buildings in Ireland. Among the monuments to be found there is a round tower, a high cross, a Romanesque chapel, a Gothic cathedral, an abbey, the Hall of the Vicars Choral and a fifteenth-century Tower House.

Swiss Cottage

Built in the early 1800s by Richard Butler, The Swiss Cottage, just outside the heritage town of Cahir, is a cottage orné – a fanciful realisation of an idealised countryside cottage used for picnics, small soirees and fishing and hunting parties and was also a peaceful retreat for those who lived in the nearby big house.

Cahir Castle

Standing proudly on a rocky island on the River Suir, Cahir Castle is one of Ireland’s largest and best-preserved castles. The castle was built in the 13th century and served as the stronghold of the powerful Butler family.  At the time of building, Cahir Castle was at the cutting edge of defensive castle design and much of the original structure remains.

Cashel Folk Village

Cashel Folk Village is a multi-award winning museum, containing an incredible, vast collection of original memorabilia relating to many different periods of Irish history including the Irish famine, rural life catholic suppression, rebellions, uprisings and the road to independence.